July 24th, 2017

July 24, 2017

Happy Monday. Interview Mike Kinard, candidate for Wichita City Council, District 1. Republican Governor's fight to stop Obamacare repeal after enjoying Medicaid expansion in states. Climate Change activists focus scare tactic on children and "educational" TV shows. 


July 21st, 2017

July 21, 2017

Happy Free for all Friday! Interview Mike , Karl, Alexa, and Tom. Discussion of closemindedness from one political side. Does Kid Rock have a chance with a Senate run? 


July 20th, 2017

July 20, 2017

Interview Lt Governor Jeff Coyler on Kansas Water Tour and conservation of Ogalala Auquifer. President Trump and KS Sec of State Kris Kobach come under attack for election commission. Discussion of voter fraud in US. Upcoming Wichita City Council elections. 


July 19th, 2017

July 19, 2017

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran obstructs the healthcare repeal and replace bill. Now we have an opportunity for a full repeal...will he support? How do conservatives work to fix the Republican party? LGBT community in Kansas push for abusive political agenda. Movement grows to remove gender from birth certificates of newborns. 


July 18th, 2017

July 18, 2017

Interview Jim Bohannon on healthcare vote, Donald Trump's agenda, and 2018 elections. Senator Jerry Moran refuses to vote for healthcare bill. Can we get a full Obamacare repeal? Who should Republicans put pressure on to advance a healthcare bill?


July 17th, 2017

July 17, 2017

Interview Dr. Gerard Lamiero. Bill Mahr attacks Kansas in a comparision of state economies with Kansas and California. In the current political world, some beleive the polarization of the parties will lead to a moderate/indepenedent movement...will the attempt work?


July 13th, 2017

July 13, 2017

Interview Tracie Streeter, head of the Kansas Water Dept on repeal of WOTUS, along with water conservation in Kansas. Plus AnnaRose talks Kansas Wheat Festival. Discussion of Sedgwick County budget debate. Kid Rock announces a run for US Senate. Does the "populist" movement have a positive effect on political system? How do we begin to dismantle the establishment system? 


July 12th, 2017

July 12, 2017

Interview Alan Cobb with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, on USA Today piece explaning tax hikes in state of Kansas. Interview County Commissioner Richard Ranzau. Discussion of social program fraud, and lack of government accountability with our taxpayer money. State legislators continue to try and justify vote on massive tax increase. Update on "boys camp" in Sedgwick County. 


July 11th, 2017

July 11, 2017

Interview Catherine Mortensen, National media liason for the NRA, on concealed carry on campus and latest reciprocity bills at the federal level. Some begin to beleive Bernie Sanders destroyed the Democratic party. Is patriotism a "sin" to the church? Progressive values crumble under identity politics. 


July 10th, 2017

July 10, 2017

Happy Monday! Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell on latest county commission hearings, county budget debate, and possible new administration building. Recap of weekend community events. Media finally finds "connection" of Trump and Russia. Positive movement in the federal government goes unnoticed. Latest healthcare debate in Senate.