December 2nd, 2016

December 2, 2016

Happy Friday! Interview the Midwest Battle Buddies and Robin Lace on helping veterans in our community. The federal overtime law has been put on hold, and more than likely killed by Republican leadership. How to respond to those that do not respect the flag. Protests have been manipulated to non-issue driven/misdirected anger to keep tention between the masses. 


December 1st, 2016

December 2, 2016

Kansas pledged to give access to "high speed" internet in all public schools. Don't we already have this, and will it lead to the digitized federal common core curriculum? Should the religious tax payer pay for birth control through the federal government? The EPA in California begins to enforce methane regulations on dairy farmers and cattle. How may it effect the industry financially? 


November 30th, 2016

November 30, 2016

Interview John Neimann of Cargill and Superintendent of USD 267 Tracy Bourne on starting agriculture class for High Schoolers. Obama tries to ram through last minute agenda before leaving office. Kansas anticipates November tax revenue report. Setting state budget for the next two years. Donald Trump sparks controversy with flag burning crowd. Discussion of how to handle flag burners. 


November 29th, 2016

November 29, 2016

Interview Dr. Gerard Lamiero with NPR begins to pre-record interviews with conservatives to edit discussions. The Ohio State University falls victim to disgruntled Somali refugee...and Democrats backpeddle on "active shooter" status in event. Different states take different approaches to expanding Medicaid. School Superintendents receive bonuses and pay raises while we fight to increase school funding. Discussion of Trump admin picks. 


November 28th, 2016

November 28, 2016

Happy Monday! Interview AARP. Post Thanksgiving recap. The movement to change electoral votes attacks Trump for being involved in business deals with foreign companies. State Representative John Whitmer calls for consolidating administrative school districts. Fidel Castro dies at 90...what it means for the United States. 


November 25th, 2016

November 25, 2016

Happy Black Friday! Interivew Mark Walters of Armed American Radio. Thanksgiving is the ultimate story of free market capitalism and private property protection. Stories of black friday shopping. Democrats continue attack of Governor Brownback for is the time to expand our state economic investment with Small Business Saturday. After the election, we have an opportunity to let go of stress from democrat control. 


November 23rd, 2016

November 23, 2016

Interview Phil Martinez of Phil's Coins. Special Thanksgiving Show. 


November 22nd, 2016

November 22, 2016

Interview Kansas GOP Chair Kelly Arnold on electoral college votes, potential Kansas representation in Washington, and process of filling vacant seats. Progressives continue class warfare on making millionaires "upper middle class" and punishing the inheritance of wealth. Enforcing the rule of law and having immigration policy is now considered a socialist agenda. And discussion of relations with Muslim community. 


November 21st, 2016

November 21, 2016

Happy Monday! Interview AARP. Government sets new overtime pay laws for salaried workers. Will it help the salaried worker, or hurt the family owned businesses? Clarification that Senator Jerry Moran has not been offered position of Agriculture Secretary. Trump mentioned abolishing the Department of Education and the left panics. Progressives argument government can help poor students have same opportunites as "rich" students. 


November 18th, 2016

November 18, 2016

Happy Friday! Positive opportunities of fighting conservative issues in Kansas. Ways we can hold the Kansas Supreme Court accountable with education, budgetary issues, and abortion. Breaking news of Congressman Mike Pompeo offered position as CIA Director. Process of filling his vacant seat. Possibility of Congressman Huelskamp offered position as Secretary of Agriculture. Possibly roles for Governor Brownback and Secretary of State Kobach.